selecting cells

  1. P

    Selecting cells by color in VBA

    I would like to select all cells in the dataset A2:F156 where the color index is 19 (light orange) or 40 (dark orange). I have uploaded a picture of my dataset below. I have compiled the following code: Sub SelectByColor Dim cell as range, rng as range Set rng = range("A2:F841") For each...
  2. P

    Conditionally format the last cell in each row with valuable data

    I have a dataset for wells and 5 treatment plants (TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, and TP5), which extends from A1 to F841. The flow path for each well is such that the well flows to TP1, then TP2, and so on. However, sometimes the flow path does not extend all the way to TP5. I have manually entered "None"...
  3. andrewb90

    selecting an offset range on a different sheet

    Hello all, I'm trying to select a range on my sheet "Master Availability" based on my selection in the sheet "Employees" When my code runs and the active cell in Employees is C6, then I want to select the cells E89:R89 (offset by 83 rows) so that I can call an additional sub to run on those...
  4. Q

    Is there any to select all the cells which have one word

    For example Cell A1 contains - For you to understand Cell A2 contain -- I am Cell A3 contains = doing Cell A4 contain - this Thank you In the above example, Cell A3 has only one word and the rest have more than one word. I want to select all the cells which have only one word. Thank you
  5. R

    Expanding Pivot table selection

    I want to see the details of a selected cell in pivot table in a specific sheet not automated sheet , is that possible? selection.showdetails=true sheets("details")
  6. B

    Return truly blank cell, not ""

    I've searched around for this but can't find a suitable answer. Is there a way to return (in an if statement) a truly blank value? I have a long list that is generated by an if statement and I want to be able to CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN-ARROW select just the cells with values. When the if statement...
  7. L

    Select fist visible cell underneath the header of a filtered data range

    Hi. I know there have been similar posts about this, so apologies, but they all seem too specific to people's own reports etc... Essentially I am copying data from multiple sheets of data after a filter is applied and pasting them into my main spreadsheet. I am struggling to work out how to...
  8. F

    Selecting cells with their correspondig values : a very basic question but advanced for me.

    Hi all, I have a column that has 10000 words. I also have four columns ( numbers) related to each other ( one line is specific for one of two words ) and each have 10000 values. So it is like this as a small example: GO 1 3 GO 2. 7 Wait 3 4 GO 3.5. 6 Wait 4.3 0 GO 3. 7 Wait 2. 6 What I...
  9. L

    Editing a sell works but selecting one or more cells not working

    :confused: Something has changed in accessing one or more cells. To start off, the work sheet works on one computer as usual. When opened on a different computer the normal "left click a cell" doesn't bring up the usual black select border, nor can you left click the column letter or row number...
  10. A

    Having problems moving the selection on a protected sheet

    Hi, I have no idea what has occured here, but have been trolling forum posts for a good few hours and am still unable to find a working solution.... My problem is this: I have an excel workbook which is heavily reliant on Macros to move data around within the workbook and also clear data...
  11. F

    Selecting cells

    I have a weird situation I don't know how to correct. When I select a single cell, Excel will also select 2 (or 3) cells together, usually the ones under the cell I want. This only happens on certain worksheets of my workbook. How do I stop that from happening?

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