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    Inserting Dates based on Cell changes and Selection criteria of Status

    Hello Experts, Seeking out for a code : Criteria : 1) When program name is type ( as long as it is a text) automated date with time should be inserted in column "Date Received". 2) On status there is few items in format of drop down list. Every time a particular status is selected then...
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    Macro code to build to pull from a range of information

    I am very new to writing macros and I have been tasked with the job of taking a worksheet of different phrases and definitions and having them appear in a self created selection window pane when a certain name is clicked. It is confusing to write out but I will show an example below. Ex. I need...
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    Copying Rows to new sheet based on value

    Hi all, I'm trying use a macro to copy certain rows (with all formating) from one sheet to another based on the contents of column K - "Cmp" in the below extract of "Datasheet1": <TABLE style="WIDTH: 604pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=805...
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    combo box selection deletes an image

    I have a combo box that has 3 items. It defaults to the primary value (B2). In conjunction to the primary value, I have an image in my spreadsheet that blocks out other cells. I want to setup a macro with this combobox_change that if either of the other two in the list are selected the...

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