1. montecarlo2012

    vba coefficient trend line input the range

    Hello. I wish a real good weekend for all. I am loading the macro for the all coefficient trendline, first need to be editing (loop require), and the real point for me is to be able to write the range of "X and Y" variable for the all formulas from the location J1 and K1, I would like to be...
  2. T

    Get Data from PostGreSQL

    Hi, Our PostgreSQL database stores in some tables excel formulas. When we query the database the formulas are put in the cells (2000 rows, 50 columns), but not the calculated values. I would expect the formulas are recognized as text, but this is not the case as we see that Excel recognize it as...
  3. M

    VBA: User selects cells and with macro applies compound interest

    Hello VBA users way better than me, I have a workbook with multiple tabs and several lines of budget numbers on each tab. Each tab is a different project and no two tabs are the same. Project budgets are arranged by task and Fiscal Year. My goal is to enable the end user of this code to...
  4. A

    (urgent:)VBA coding.....Selection.Formula

    I am appreciated if there is someone out there can give me a hand on this! I am trying to write an VBA in excel; here is the coding: Sheet1.Cells(5, 5).Select *it will bring me to the cell E5 Selection.Formula = "=A1" *it will enter a formula: "=A1" in the E5 My question is how can I enter...

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