1. D

    Selective Printing

    Hi there, I've run into a bit of an issue with an excel I'm working on and was wondering if anyone here might have some input. Here we go... I have a freeze pane set up on row 6 - followed by default unchanging data from rows 7 all the way to (currently, and will change) row 21073. Default...
  2. R

    Complex Sorting/Replacing Question

    Hello I am working on a project that involves me sorting clients into various different groups based on parameters regarding what types of accounts they hold. I sorted the list down to the people who have two accounts and now I want to sort the original client info sheet down to this same...
  3. A

    Selectively copying/pasting (or simply transferring information)

    So, how to selectively transfer information from one sheet to another - So copy all the the "N/A"s from Sheet 1 and selectively paste them in the same position into Sheet 2, so that it looks like Sheet 3. Notice that the information from Sheet 2 is kept in Sheet 3, unless the condition of...
  4. N

    Selective Data from Pivot Table to Dashboard and Chart

    I have been trying to get the following to work for the last week but my brain is fried and I am sure I am missing something really simple. I need to construct a Dashboard that will pick up selective data from the data sheet and give the outcome as a line chart. The data follows the trends in...
  5. J

    Selectively copying cells based on column header

    Lectori Salutem (Greetings Reader), If this is explained in another thread please direct me there. I searched unsuccessfully. Here's what I'm trying to do (with very little VBA experience): I'm trying to copy cells from a column in one workbook to cells in a column in another workbook based on...
  6. R

    Extracting and Separating data from one cells into two cells

    Ok, so I have a cell that contains data in the following format: John Smith (CEO); Warren Zevon (CFO); Pete Townsend (VP Operations) I need to setup formulas so that in the first new column the cell would contain: John Smith; Warren Zevon; Pete Townsend And the second column would...
  7. M

    VBA Consolidate Data from Certain Sheets

    I got a spreadsheet containing purchase information for a number of different contracts, each supplier in column A and the date of purchases in 1st row. I need a means of consolidating only a given range of the sheets into a combined summary, the needed sheets are consecutive and so I came up...

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