sendkeys in excel

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    SendKeys paste to excel then reactivate Internet Explorer to continue

    I need to "reactivate"/focus my VBA back to IE. to continue getting data off of various pages without having to log back in to the same page. So right now it is selecting all data on the page, copying and then pasting to a sheet in my excel workbook. I am having trouble getting send keys to go...
  2. M

    Sendkeys not working Alternative code?

    I am trying to refresh and factset excel template with vba, I am trying to use sendkeys to use the hot keys that will kick off the refresh. The code I am using is this Application.SendKeys ("%srw") which works by itself but not with other code. ( I am cycling through portfolios and getting...
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    SendKeys to force enter a cell to update format - starts printing instead

    Hi All, I have come upon an issue regarding the SendKeys feature in VBA. i have used this before with succes but for some reason i cannot figure out whats the problem. I want the code below to enter each cell within a range by sending the keys F2 and ENTER. It will not work... It keeps...
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    Simulate "F2" and "Enter" with a macro triggered on a Slicer in a different work sheet

    Hi Guys, I am trying to simulate "F2" and "Enter" SendKeys event, on a specific cell "C1" in a specific Sheet "Past Login", which has 2 Pivots from a data source in a different workbook. I have a Slicer pulling data from another data source in the same workbook. This slicer has dates and i...
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    Sending commands to another non Office/Microsoft application using VBA in Excel 2007

    Thank you for the great forum to ask questions and get answers. I have used it many times to help out with Excel problems. I am trying to write VBA code in Excel 2007 to open (I have that part figured out) and then access the Tools menu, enter and start a data acquisition by “clicking” the...
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    Send enter key to open IE page via Excel VBA

    Send enter key to open Internet Explorer page via Excel VBA I am trying to click a webpage input box and use a Send key enter. I can select the Input box, but can not make it Send(Enter). Thanks!
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    Sending Tab command to excel sheet.

    Hi, I am trying to do something like a user first selects a range in a excel sheet. Then he hits the TAB key which makes the cursor to move within the selected range. I want this to be done by a macro once the user has triggered it after selecting a range. Each time a macro sends a TAB command...

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