1. Jeffrey Mahoney

    Change Sensitivity Label Programatically

    This code will allow you to change a workbook's Sensitivity Label using VBA. It seems that each company gets to decide what those labels are. I also believe that each of those has a ID unique to that company. Each ID needs to be in this format: "12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567890AB" with...
  2. A

    Sensitivity Analysis help

    <tbody> ID Score1 Score2 Score3 Score4 A 1 1 2 1 B 1 3 2 4 </tbody> Hi all, I'm attempting to do some sensitivity analysis on a model I've built. My data is set out as in the above table, with scores being either 1, 2, 3 or 4. The scores are then weighted, and a total...
  3. lopiteaux

    Case- and character sensitive match and count with VBA

    Hi, I need to compare 2 datasets, both with ~20k records, and determine whether a record in dataset A is present in dataset B. The keys I need to compare need to take into account: - case sensitivity (the keys are only unique when this distinction is made); - wildcards (the keys can contain *...
  4. J

    sensitivity analysis for two dynamic input

    hi everyone! I would much appreciate if you could help. I want to make a sensitivity analysis for revenue which is dependable on two input factors which are time series, i.e. the price for the unit of my output and the price for the unit of raw material, and both inputs vary from period to...
  5. G

    using Table function in array formula

    Hi, I inherited an Excel with a scenario table (one variable by other variable) and a sensitivity table that comes with it. The sensitivity table seems to be created via a formula that looks like {=table(X variable, Y variable)}. When I try to copy the sensitivity table to a new sheet it only...
  6. K

    Getting Solver Reports

    I am invoking solver using VBA and I need to generate the reports, not immediately but in a later step in the program. How would I go about doing that?
  7. P

    Is there a quicker way to do this? (trying to compute a margin analysis based of a data table)

    So I have a basic investment analysis sheet that covers revenue, costs, pre-tax profit for 7 years and ends with an NPV that equates to an implicit margin. However I have been asked to create a two input data table to test the sensitivity of 2 variables in the project. I did that and have a...
  8. R

    Solver Macro - Sensitivity reports not working

    Hi, I recorded a macro, and created a button in the worksheet to assign the macro for running solver, which runs solver and then selects Sensitivity report When I recorded and ran, it created a new sheet, Sensitivity Report 1. However, after any changes in inputs etc., when I run the macro...
  9. K

    New "WHATIF" scenario function / macro

    Hi, I would like to create a macro to define a new Excel function as follows: =WHATIF(output_ref, input_ref, input_value) The function would calculate the result of a given output cell on changing a specific input cell to an alternative value, for example: A1 = 10 A2 = 20 A3 = A1+A2 = 30 A4...
  10. C

    Make data tables calculate automatically

    Hi, This is my first post so apologies if I don't describe the problem accurately enough!! I am using data tables to perform price sensitivity. E.g if production=70%,80%,90% of actual production what would the cost per unit be.I have the tables working however, I need do do this for 30-40...
  11. G

    Indirect scenario/sensitivity analysis

    Hi I have a model in excel which takes a large amount of data and runs it through the model to produce two output numbers. I then have to remove groups of the data while keeping the rest in and pull out the results, then put that group back in and remove the next group and so on. I am trying...

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