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    2 files database - Database + Calculator

    Greetings I'm trying to divide my file in 2. One of then that contains the all data, the other one that calculates the results and that is shown to the user. A few years ago, In Access, i did this same thing with no problem, with Excel i just cant do it. The problem is that i want to update...
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    [Macro] how can I filter and save separate .csv files ?

    Hellooooo I know nothing about VBA/Macro, I'm looking to have multiple .csv files, filtered by column (B) value. example: ___A____|___B____|___C____|___D____| 0000001___01_____Rod_S12____9234 0000001___01_____Red_345____1244 0000001___02_____XYZ_A1_____4521 0000001___02_____KMO123_____8511 So...
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    Table from other file as a source for pivot table

    Hi people! I have data in separate file organized as excel table range. I want to use this table name as a source for pivot table in other file. The funny thing it doesn't let me do this saying the range is wrong. Though it works ok inside 1 file. Additionally, trying to come around, when I...
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    Macro to have worksheets with unique data become separate workbooks

    My workbook has two workseets that I need to split by an area and then save each new workbook under the areas name. Before anyone says combine the two sheets to make it easier we can't; we have to have 2 separate sheets for this particualr report Start File: This is the file that contains all...
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    Macro for pivot chart distribution (2003)

    My manager would like me to create charts for 30+ departments every month in separate files with their average weekly spend for the past year and headcount. There are sub-departments that I've been using in the page field of a pivot chart so the manager can view total spend, or spend by...

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