sequence gaps

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    MISSING Alphanumeric Sequence

    Greets, I am trying to determine the easiest way to find a missing alphanumeric, alpha, or numeric sequence in a excel. I believe the functionality is already there in excel just not sure how to do it or where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Use Case: I am trying to find all the...
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    *Difficult Macro Request* Add rows for missing letter series for each set of duplicates

    Hello, I have a macro request that may be difficult but I hope you are up for the challenge :) I have a group of data that looks like this: <tbody> 30004 A 30004 B 59684-1 B 59684-1 C 85201 A 85201 C 85201 D 85201 E 30898 A 30899 A </tbody> As you can see, I the first...
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    How to take sequential values with breaks and convert into high/low ranges

    I have zip codes in a single column and they do not increase incrementally by one each time. There are gaps in the sequence. I am trying to split this zip-code column into two, the low # and the high #. This is the current state: Zip-codes 73442 73443 73444 73446 73447 73448 73449 73451...
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    find gaps in sequence

    I have a file that contains addresses in column C. I need to find any gaps in addresses. Ex: 211 Corbin Dr 213 Corbin Drive 214 Corbin Drive 123 Apple Drive 124 Apple Dr 124 Apple Dr 127 Apple Drive I want to identify that there is a gap between 211 Corbin and 213 Corbin and 124 and 127...

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