series name

  1. S

    Extract Unique Series Names and Add as Dummy Series

    Hello All, I've written some VBA which turns an array into a stacked bar chart where series with the same name are coloured the same. However, having multiple series with the same name has led to a rather pointless legend with multiple duplicates. My main two questions are: 1) Is there a way...
  2. D

    Command Button : Add/Remove data series

    Hello, I have a bar chart that 4 command buttons are connected to. Initially I had successfully set up the command buttons to add a data series on the first click and then remove the data series on the 2nd click. However, when I initially coded these the data series were static (1, 2, 3, etc.)...
  3. S

    Line chart with data in one column and series in another.

    I have a worksheet that contains variable data in one column and the location it came from in another. I want to chart all the data in the one column based on its location. For example if my worksheet looked like this: Data Location 21 1 342 1 312 2...
  4. Grizlore

    Charting from a Pivot table, losing series values. (named range possible?)

    Hi All, Is there a way to use a sort of names range, to chart from a pivot? I currently have an ‘analysis’ worksheet which displays two pieces of data from two pivot tables, which are on different worksheets. The ‘analysis’ worksheet displays the last months figure, and charts the history...
  5. C

    Put Series Name On Chart

    Hi I have a several graphs each showing 24 series of data. As the colours begin to repeat themselves it is difficult to tell which series is which. I would like to have the series name on the chart itself - perhaps by the first data point. I have tried adding text boxes but this is tedious...

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