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    Charting with VBA - wanting to use .End(xlDown) but getting method failure

    Hi All, I've read more web posts and tried more things that I can shake a stick at... none seem to work. I've hard coded the name of the data sheet that I'm using for now... but will revert to using the parameter that I pass to the subroutine later. Sub CreateGraphs(ProjectToGraph As...
  2. C

    .SetSourceData Invalid Parameter error

    Hi, I'm working on code that loops through different user IDs and for each user ID, the code updates a set of charts based on that user's unique data. The code below activates a Chart object (hpu), sets the source data to a Range object (hpu_range), plots the data by rows instead of columns...
  3. R

    Setsourcedata from a temporary worksheet (VB6/not VBA)

    I have placed 2 sets of data on worksheet(3), and successfully created a column chart on worksheet(1) & another on worksheet(2). I then want to save the spreadsheet, without worksheet(3). If I delete or clear the worksheet before doing the SaveAs, the charts are garbage. Charts were created...
  4. P

    Excel 2010 Chart SetSourceData 1004 error

    Hello, I have a problem with an Excel application that was written in my company using Office 2003. It has always worked properly in Office 2003 but when I run it in Office 2010 I get an error message after executing the SetSourceData to apply a Range taken from a group of cells in the...
  5. N

    Set Source Data for Chart on different sheet

    Hi there, I am very new to VBA. I have written the following code Sub Series1() Sheets("Charts").Activate ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 3").Activate ActiveChart.PlotArea.Select ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Raw Data").Range("Y16:Y266") End Sub When I had the...
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    Updating Source Data in powerpoint charts

    Hello forum, I have charts in powerpoint which are linked to an excel workbook. When trying to change the source data using .SetSourceData, nothing happens. It works if I manually change the data range first, and then re run the code, but I may aswell set the source data manually each time...
  7. R

    Set Source Range of charts in powerpoint

    Hello forum, I have a macro written in excel vba that updates the source links of charts in powerpoint to another excel file. When running this, the source data uses the exact same range as in the previous spreadsheet (as expected). Old Workbook <tbody> A B C 1 Buyers Sellers 2 UK 23 12...
  8. H

    C# : Chart.SetSourceData -> Exception

    Hallo there, I would appreciate help on two questions : 1) what could be the reason for this line to throw an exception : range = worksheet.get_Range("A3", "B4"); myChart.SetSourceData(range.ToString(), PowerPoint.XlRowCol.xlColumns); I also tried If I do it this way...
  9. T

    Updating chart sourcedata range in VBA

    I am relatively new to VBA and I am having trouble updating the sourecdata for a chart in VBA. Recording a macro for it yeilded: Sheets("Rating Chart").Select ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Activate ActiveChart.ChartArea.Select ActiveChart.SetSourceData...

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