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    VBA - fine data from a column with huge information

    Hi All, I have huge data which I need to search changed parts from a same column and copy/paste to new column. Hope to use the VBA t search/copy/paste it. Attached is the sample. Thanks in advance for the helps. <colgroup><col width="94" style="width: 71pt; mso-width-source: userset...
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    Conditional Formating based on Cell Value

    I want to if possible format the full row based on the cell value in field "Lev2 Matl". So first 3 rows based on Lev2 Matl=G10TSM05A would be 1 colour. Next 3 rows based on Lev2 Matl=G10TSM05M would be another colour etc etc. No issue with cycling through available colours only. Hope that makes...

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