shape objects

  1. tlc53

    Arrow shape line colour depending on cell

    Hi there, I would like an arrow to show if cell H107 does not equal zero. I'm not even sure if I'm going in the right direction with this VBA code. Can anyone help please? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("h107") = 0 Then...
  2. D

    force refresh of a Text Box (Shape) displaying text

    Hi gang, I had a frustrating problem with a shape on my worksheet. It is a Text Box Shape (not a userform type) and it is supposed to display text from a specific cell. The cell contains an INDEX formula, so the contents change based on a scrollbar control elsewhere. My problem was, the...
  3. J

    Referencing an object containing a macro while that macro is running

    Hello! I'm using a shape to contain a delete function for a particular row of data. Since there are multiple delete shapes cooresponding to different rows, I need to use the activated shape's position data to determine which row needs to be deleted. I can't figure out how to call the shape...
  4. joebbshop

    Copy/Paste Shapes or Group of Shapes

    Hello! I'm using Excel 2007 and have mid level skills with VBA. I'm trying to make a flow-chart type of report with text boxes and arrows connecting them using VBA. Since there are several pieces of data for each point on the flow chart, I'm thinking the best way is to have a series of...

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