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    VBA Code to Download Files from sharepoint to Local Network drive

    Hi all I need all of your valued help in creating a macro to download (.xlsm)files from sharepoint folder/sub-folder and save as it is in the given designated local drive folder. Below I have given the sharepoint scenario:- Sharepoint : Main Folder > Sub Folder1 > File1.xlsm >...
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    Vba to pull file from sharepoint

    Hello I have written a macro that when run, it opens a local documents folder and lets you select any number of files, the files are then copied and pasted into the original sheet. Now I am trying to pull files from an online sharepoint using the same macro. I am having trouble referencing the...
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    Linking Excel ListObject to Sharepoint

    Hi All, Here's the short question: the SharePointURL property of ListObject is ReadOnly. I wanna change it! The long version: I have a SharePoint site where many months ago I did the "Export to Spreadsheet" command. I've since done lots of work on this file, including code that lets the user...

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