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    Referencing an array of cells to toggle sheet visibility based on each cell's content

    Hi, I'm trying to writea code that doesn't require stepping into vba to effect the outcome of themacro. Currently, I have acode that toggles the visibility of an array of sheets if the target cellmatches certain conditions (blue or dark blue fill). This code works great.However, I want to...
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    Toggle Visibility of an Array of Worksheets

    Is it possible to toggle the visibility of an array of worksheets rather than one worksheet at a time? I know this code wouldn't work if you tried, but I'm thinking something like this: Dim ShtNames as Variant ShtNames = Array("01", "02", "03") ShtNames.Visible = True I know I could run a for...
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    macro to select all sheets between two "bookends" and print them

    i have a workbook with a "roll-up" page that shows the results of all sheets between two "bookends" for instance: <tbody> Tab/Sheet Name Purpose Portfolio roll-up of all sheets between "<--" and "-->" <-- first bookend Analysis 1 individual analysis Analysis 2 individual analysis...
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    2D array across sheets and columns

    I have an Excel Workbook with 50 Sheets, all containing a table with the same format. I am trying to sum certain quantities across a certain range of cells across all sheets </SPAN>(provided certain criteria are met)</SPAN>. So you could say that I am trying to sum the elements in a 2D array...
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    Need Help from the experts - Macro for Multiple values from dynamic list

    Hi Guys, Really could do with some help from a few experts on here... firstly i've got to say I've muddled my way to this point so any help offered is greatly appreciated. I've a sheet (Cover page) with a command button that when clicked, lists all the sheets in the workbook but more...
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    Looping through an Array of Wooksheets.

    Windows 7 Excel 2007 GOAL: My intent is to create a single workbook. Sheet1(pga_list) will be used for data purposes and will be referenced by all other sheets through a data validation variable and vlookup values. This I have done. I wish to add an indefinite number of sheets beginning at...
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    Macro to delete an array of worksheets

    I am working with a particularly ugly macro that deletes an array of sheets in my workbook (I wrote it, so I don't feel bad insulting it, haha). I started off by recording it, which gave me code that does the job, but you can imagine how ugly it turned out: 'Delete weekly data...
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    Array Sheet

    Hi all I can get the following sheet array by using the macro recorder. Sheets(Array("EPN SUMMARY", "Dashboard", "Ian Cameron", "Vladimir", "Ken Golding", _ "Andy Billings", "Stuart Weatherston", "Paul Symonds", "Peter Ball", "Ivan Key", _ "PM2", "PM3", "PM4", "PM5")).Select I...

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