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    How do I create a macro to show/hide several worksheets in my displayed list?

    I have 4 really great Macro's that I need some help tying together. One macro looks at all the tabs in my workbook and creates an Index tab showing all the sheet names within the workbook and creates a hyperlink to each of those sheets. The macro also gives the option to add a hyperlink on...
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    VBA: Show timer on sheet then hide sheet

    I have a sheet named SEND FORM that has some info that I would like for the user to see for about 10sec when he opens the work book and then it will hide and show the sheet they will be working in named STOCK CUTTING FORM.. Also is it possible to have the 10 sec timer to be shown in cell L12 in...
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    VB use of field text to select & execute macro

    I need to select and unhide a sheet based on the the text that is input and stored in a spreadsheet. I have four options that will be stored in a sheet called MENU. The options are: Automotive, Industrial, Life_Sciences, Electronics. Based on the field selection in the cell h9 I want to...
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    Selected Sheet Hidden; ERROR can't run macro

    I have several sheets that need to have an application run, but only if it is not hidden. This is what I currently have and the macro stops to debug when it the sheetX is hidden. Sheet5.Select Application.Run _ "'Program Spend Statement - Master Template.xls'!RemoveAndClear"...

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