sheet tabs

  1. N

    Creating multiple sheets with same data and date fields for tab names

    I have a worksheet where I want to create multiple worksheets with dates as the tab names. I want these tabs to copy data from another sheet and place it into each sheet created. Code for creating sheets with dates as tab names: (This works as expected, but I need to modify this code to copy...
  2. svendiamond

    Is there a shortcut to show/hide sheet tabs in Excel?

    The reason I ask is because a user of one of my workbooks called me and said he could no longer see the sheet tabs. I simply went to Options and checked the box for "Show Sheet Tabs" but I was wondering how he hid them. I know he didn't go to the Options and un-check that box... so is there any...
  3. T

    Hiding / Showing header

    Hi everybody, I have a strage problem. I am trying to cycle through all the sheets in the orkbook and hide header, sheet tabs and the gridlines. I have tried to do this through 2 macros Sub DeGridize() Dim wd As Window For Each wd In ThisWorkbook.Windows With ActiveWindow...

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