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    Creating new worksheets that are named to be dates

    Hi, I am new to VBA and trying to create a form for a gas station. The form is made so a user can enter sales information and it will calculate month to date totals as pages are added through a new day button at the top. The button should create a new sheet that is named as the next day. The...
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    Worksheet Connections

    Hi, can you please help me with replacing the worksheet data below to point to the current workbook and worksheet? It won't only be me running the code. Workbooks("Test.xlsm").Connections.Add2 _ "WorksheetConnection_Test.xlsm!Table1", "", _...
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    Simplify the code, write everything in less than 20 lines

    Hi Everyone, i was wondering if this code Range("A1").EntireRow.Copy Sheets.Add After:=ActiveSheet ActiveSheet.Name = "Pending" ActiveSheet.Paste Cells.EntireColumn.AutoFit Sheets.Add After:=ActiveSheet ActiveSheet.Name = "Closed" Worksheets("Sursa").Select Rows("1:1").Select...
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    Sheets.add Type:= ?

    What is the correct method to duplicate the last sheet when using Sheets.add Type: (how to finish this statement to have the newsheet be the same as the preceding sheet)

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