1. R

    Nested IF formula

    <tbody> 1 A B 2 3 Date fie Reviewed 11/30/2018 4 First Date of Item Entry 12/15/2014 5 Last Stock Date 9/18/2016 6 Final Inv. Date 11/30/2014 7 Weeks on Promo Disp. 90.43 </tbody> I am trying to figure out a way to turn this into an automatic...
  2. O

    Excel formula to know what shelf to put away

    Looking to write a formula that will tell someone which shelf to look for something based on the number. I have excel 2016 and thought of conditional formatting but I run out of colors or symbols to use. <tbody> Range shelf <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 10049541...
  3. M

    Create Inventory Map - changes weekly

    Good Day, I have been given another task to try and do in Excel that is a little more complicated then before. Currently we write by had a map showing where the Categories and Items are located on about 50 shelves. We try and have our shelves sorted in Categories and Items in those...
  4. S

    Use VBA to Solve Stocking Problem

    Hello - I have a simple sheet with columns holding product, gross_margin, and rank. The rank is calculated using the Excel Rank formula. In a fourth column named ShelfLocation, I want to start allocating where the product will go on the shelf - low, middle or high. All of the products are...

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