1. Jaafar Tribak

    Putting an Hyperlink in a MsgBox !!

    Hi all, I have been playing with this little project recently which, as the thread title states, allows for adding an hyperlink to the native vba MsgBox. At the moment, I managed to make this work with only one hyperlink per MsgBox... This little "tool"can come as a handy, a quicker and a more...
  2. Jaafar Tribak

    Extract Thumbnail preview from file

    Hi all, workbook example Extracting a thumbnail from a file (thumbnail as shown in windows file explorer) normally requires the use of a typelib but with the assistance of the handy DispCallFunc API function, one can execute a requested interface Method w/o the need of an external typelib...
  3. btorrean

    Excel VBA Can't Open URL on Windows and a 64-bit Mac

    Please note: This post is a cross-post. I posted this question on Feb. 23rd on Stack Overflow and have not gotten any responses. I am posting here in hopes that someone may have not seen that post and may be able to help me here. Here's the link to the cross-post on Stack Overflow: link. I...
  4. svendiamond

    Disable Hyperlink Warning!

    I have a macro button that automatically runs three reports (excel spreadsheets) from my company's intraweb database application. The only issue with this is the hyperlink warning message that automatically pops up. It basically warns that some files from the internet may be harmful and make...
  5. R

    VBA code to open files in an application using Shell

    I'm relatively new at VBA, and I am developing this excel based tool that creates two .xls files, whose paths are saved in two variables. The next step is the user has to select these two files, right click and select an application called Compare. I was wondering if this process could be...
  6. J

    ShellExecute Excel 2010 64-bit doesn't start fresh copy of Excel

    I have a process that runs all day, gathering data from the web, storing that data on an xlsx file, closing that file, and starting another xlsm book that further process the data while the original process goes back for more collection ( collection of other "parts" of the whole range of data...
  7. I

    Truncation problem with data to email

    I'm using ShellExecute to launch my default email application and a macro to collect data and store it to a string to be used as the "body" of my email. The problem is that there my be 30 rows of data to list but once it goes to the email only about 18 rows of data survive the transfer from...
  8. I

    Line break Using ShellExecute for email Possible??

    I've tried various methods vbCrLf, vbLf, Chr(10) & CHR(13), vbnewline They work great in the immediate window but my email is one continuous line. I'm really hoping someone has a solution because the only other alternative that I can think of is to try to write to a text file and then do a copy...
  9. L

    Generate an ODBC Connection (with a .bat)

    Hello all, I am trying to use my program to set up an ODBC connection on the user's computer. I am trying to make it more user friendly for the other people that may want to use my file in the future, and it entirely depends on this database query. Below is some code that I tried for...
  10. Jaafar Tribak

    ShellExecute API not working as expected .

    Here is the problem. When I try opening the file "C:\MyBook.xls" in a second excel instance via the above API function not only does it not open the file it also blocks the keyboard on the current application ! - I get no error message . Has anybody experienced this before ? I have tried many...

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