shift work

  1. A

    Determine which shift took a sample

    Hi, I need to determine which shift took a sample based on the date in column A (starting at A2) and the time in column B (starting on B2). There are 4 shifts, RED, GREEN, BLUE YELLOW. They work 2 days from 6AM to 6PM then 2 nights from 6PM to 6AM then have 4 days off. The start date for...
  2. M

    Shift time in 100 minutes (calculate)

    Need to calculate the time worked sometimes between 2 days, and it is military time in 100 minutes. Examples: In 5/19/09 06:00 (which is 6:00 am) Out 5/19/09 16:50 (which is 4:30 pm) In 5/19/09 18:10 (which is 6:07 pm) Out 5/20/09 06:25 (which is 6:15 am) Then I want to take out .50 (or...

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