shipping rates

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    Shipping Rates based on Pincodes

    Hi All, I'm very new to excel and would like to automate shipping rates based on best service provider with cost and deliver days. I googled it and found this can be done via vlookup. Like i have three logistics partner, from all three x(first logistics partner) is servicing most of the...
  2. Y

    Query Fedex and/or USPS for Shipping Rates within Excel

    Windows 7 Excel 2010 I am attempting to query Fedex and USPS via their API and return the rates I get back into excel. I have a PHP application on an internal server that when given a URL that contains address and package data it returns a value in a single table. I am able to successfully get...
  3. P

    How to Calculate Shipping using UPS Zones and Lbs

    I'm hoping to find a spreadsheet that can calculate the shipping rates using UPS rate charts. I want to have an entry point where I can enter the lbs and zone and get the result. I'd like to find a spreadsheet that already does it or help on how to create it. I'm reconstructing the table that...

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