1. F

    How to take last data entry of previous product and substract from current product?

    Hello to all, I have the below macros IncomingProducts and RunAgain. - IncomingProducts: This macro simulates the input coming from users of StoreA and StoreB. For example purposes I've show the data entries from both stores with arrays. - RunAgain: This macro only calls IncomingProducts to...
  2. K

    Distinct Count Based on Multiple Criteria

    Hello, I am building a tab [results]; on this tab, I have a column [column A] which lists a unique value (description). In [column B]; I need to create a formula. This formula needs to look into the [raw data] tab, and count the number of distinct IDs which share the same (description) and...
  3. N

    Which formula should i use to sum some table and some criteria

    Hi All, I have problem in using excel formula to provide the correct result for my store performance. I already googling some formula, both Excel and Google Sheet but it make me confused because some formula didn't work. From that references I am using syntax Sumproduct, Sumif, Index and Match...
  4. K

    Vba to convert csv (insert cells)

    Hello, I am going to be importing a CSV file into a sheet weekly and need the column to line up properly. The Comma Seperated list I am importing does not account for spaces I need for the excel sheet. I made a dummy table below. Every person is ordering a shirt, a hat, shoes, or any...
  5. L

    formula help

    Hello I need some help with creating a formula for the below table. What I am trying to achieve is in the "required results" column A. The "Name" entries will always have "Name" preceding <tbody> required results Name Jimmy Name Jimmy -shoes -shoes Name Tom Name Tom-Balls...
  6. B

    Return count of unique records in one field, based on sum of another field

    To illustrate the question I have created some dummy data below: <tbody> Country Product Sales Volume France Shoes 10 France Shoes 20 France Shoes 30 France Boots 5 France Boots 5 France Hat 10 France Hat 5 </tbody> I want to create a measure that will return the number of...
  7. J

    Find row number based on on mulitple criteria

    Hello, I am looking for a VBA solution that can find the latest data entry using 2 criteria. For instances, looking at the table below, if i were to enter the employee ID and the product type it would return $79. I am trying to avoid formulas to accomplish this task. Any help would be much much...
  8. C

    Macro that transposes and concatenates

    Hello I am trying to write a macro that joins strings of text together whilst also transposing. I'll try provide an example of what I'm after: So here is table 1, where we write the campaign name, the ad group name and its associated keyword(s). A B...
  9. IsabellaLearning

    Count by month ONLY FILTERED columns and exclude blanks

    Hi if it was just counting july - i think it would be easy: =SUMPRODUCT(--(MONTH(f:f)=7)) I would like to count only in the filtered data, only the July 2017s. The date column in F row is in format dd/mm/yyyy I want to ignore blanks in that row. I also would like to count by another condition...

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