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    Formula to identify and display all numbers from 2 separate cells

    I have a string of numbers that I need to have individually listed (one number per cell). Right now that string is being identified by having the smallest number in one cell and the largest number in another cell. Instead of displaying like this I need to have the entire string of numbers to...
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    Code to show all/remove filter on a table

    I found some code on other threads and from other forum sites and tried it. Apparently, i didn't understood the main issue of that specific before trying it to mine. Anyway, I have table with filter headers, I want to have a code to put on my activex button that when clicked it will show all the...
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    Show named ranges names in gray in worksheet?

    Hi This is maby easier to explain with a small exampel: I select A1:D30 in my workwheet and give this range the name TEST If I zoom to below 30 percent in my worksheet, the named range is shown in gray letters in the worksheet. Is it possible to see this also at 100 percent zoom? I have a...
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    Force Pivot Table to shows rows with Zero subtotals

    I have a pivot table with 100 accounts showing charges against each account for each month over a time span. When I show a table with accounts listed in rows and monthly charges in columns, I get 100 rows of data with the grand total in the rightmost column. THINGS ARE GOOD. When I build a...

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