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  1. M

    VBA hide/unhide tabs

    Hi, I'm pretty new to VBA and have skipped the basics in order to 'get the job done' for this one. Basically, I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs (around 60). These are broken down to a cover sheet, a contents sheet (with hyperlinks to every tab) and 4 or 5 expandable/collapsible summary...
  2. N

    Showing/hiding worksheets basd on cell content

    I have a workbook with a bunch of individual worksheets with specific information, as well as one general worksheet. I'd like to be able to put a name in one cell in the general sheet and have it automatically hide every worksheet but the one that shares a name with the content of that cell. Any...
  3. B

    Show only one TAB from the ribbon

    Hello Everyone, Is it possible to show only the File tab from the ribbon and hide all the other tabs?
  4. Michael Simpson

    Design help for showing/hiding rows

    At the moment, I'm not after any actual code (though that may well change :)). I'm more after ideas on a best way to solve a problem. I'm an average VBA programmer (amazing what you can find by googling), but one thing I've learnt with VBA/Excel is it's your imagination that is often the...

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