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    Speed up Macro

    Hi, 2nd Post today but final configured this Macro to work how I want, but seems very slow and clunky, possibly the show all data lines? Can anyone help in speeding this up? Thanks.
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    Filter showalldata avoiding using SELECT

    Hi All I have code that needs to turn off any filters on 3 sheets before doing some actions, mainly find-replace and copy-paste. My issue is the code to unfilter only works on the activesheet, I have declared the sheets and tried working through the variable directly (as below) but this just...
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    ShowAllData Error

    Hi, I have a macro that automatically creates a validation list depending on the cell to the left of it. The cell to the left is a category for a price list. The price list is on a separate worksheet, so the macro filters the price list, copies it to another worksheet (FilterSheet) and then...
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    ActiveSheet.ShowAllData failing- 1004

    ActiveSheet.ShowAllData failing - 1004 the worksheet ("TPRs").activate line is right before and seems to work because I can see the activesheet object in watch window. the TPRs worksheet has 1 list object and 1 pivottable whose cache is the list the listobject on the same worksheet. the...
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    ShowAllData Error in Shared Workbook

    I have an inventory workbook that has 7 sheets. All the sheets are protected except for select locked/unlocked cells, and use autofilter so users can only read the info, not edit. I've made a CommandButton on each sheet that resets any/all filters using VBA code in the worksheet. (by "in the...

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