1. A

    if formula not working and showing false result

    <tbody> <tbody> 10000 </tbody> =IF(A8>0<=100000,25,IF(A8>100000<=500000,50,IF(A8>500000<=50000000,100))) result is showing false . why </tbody>
  2. davewatson86

    Date issues

    Hello all i have a report that is giving me dates in the format of DD.MM.YYYY i am trying to convert this to a date format that excel will work with but i am getting some strange tings happening. i have used find replace to replace . with / but some dates are showing in a format of MM/DD/YYYY...
  3. A

    number to percent format

    hi, i am tring to conver number to percent but its not happening its showing as numbers please help me out this and also i want to aply a condition if based on percent if above 50% the cells should be red and for DIO if its > 30 days it should be red when i am tring in F8 its working but when i...
  4. G

    Mysterious Transparent Shape Showing up on all Excel Tabs

    I have this rectangle that is semi transparent that is showing up in the right hand corner of my Excel spreadsheets. It is showing up in all tabs. It is not a cell setting as it doesn't align with the cells. It does not seem to be a picture as it does not allow me to select it and I can...
  5. C

    Go To specific cell by the result showing in another cell with CELL("address"...) formula.

    Hi guys. I need go to a cell from the address showing in another cell which have CELL("address"...) formula. For example, In cell A1 I have CELL("address"...) formula giving a result $CD$450, I need to jump to cell CD450. The value of A1 change several times. Thanks
  6. H

    Percentage Question

    Hello, I am trying to calculate the percentage of non-contiguous cells that contain the letter "a" out of all the selected non-contiguous cell. I am new to this site and am unsure how to upload reference images. I shall try to explain this as best i can. The target cell is Q2. i want to be able...
  7. G

    Chart Data References

    Hi all, I have multiple charts set up in my spreadsheet showing revenue against email numbers. In all of the charts the horizontal axis is only showing the week number (which is what I want) except for the last chart which is showing three lots of numbers along the horizontal access. One of...
  8. S

    Adding multiple columns in Matrix columns

    Hi All, I am new to power BI and I have requirement to do in power BI where I need to show the some of key metrics in matrix format. Here is the my requirement. Well I am working for the Textile company where in I need to prepare the reports using Power BI and unfortunately I could not make...
  9. R

    Worksheet Background

    Hi, I am wondering how to do this background in excel. Grid lines are not showing and the focus is just on the worksheet
  10. G

    Flash Report

    Good afternoon, Excel gods. I got another question. I have a little under 700 items that I receive bi-weekly price changes. I have set it up as pictured. Is there any way to print a flash report showing only price changes? Like shown in the second image. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  11. F


    hi all a tricky one for me here:- a vba solution to stay 5 secs on each sheet and then loop back to the first tab like a slideshow The problem is I only want certain sheets to be showing on this slideshow - which I can hide or have selected in a list ? these sheets have specific names too :-)
  12. J

    Pivot Charts

    Hi, I am wanting to have 3 pivot charts that change automatically, but all showing different data. So far i have my pivot showing A = Months B = Percentage C = Sales D = SIH (stock in hand) I have a pivot chart working no problem for the first column which is percentage, i have tried...
  13. M

    DAX, how to last value in the period total

    I have a table like this Country, headcount, Month ================== US, 23, May2019 US, 24, Jun2019 UK, 27, May 2019 UK, 27, Jun 2019 Now Excel pivot-table of Country as row and Month as Column, the Q2 column is showing 47 (23+24) for US. So I am thinking I need to use DAX instead... Is...
  14. P

    VLOOKUP working on the calculation rather than the number shown

    HI, I am sure this is a very quick question/answer, In one cell(D38) I have a SUMIFS formula, the answer it is returning is 0.415. This number is actually a calculation of months in decimals. In the next cell (E38) I have a vlookup to return this figure in months. Cell D38 is rounded to 2...
  15. J

    Search & copy macro not showing actual result. Can someone help me please

    Hi I got a Macro from but it is not showing accurate result in this sample file. Can someone help me please as it is need me . Thanks in advance Here is the link of sample file. Please help me
  16. K

    Double data type field's value showing with E-02 value

    Hi, I have data in excel and one field in excel value is showing like (0.0816901332227654), and when I paste this data in a Access table the data is showing is like this (8.16901332227654E-02), the number should show in Access as showing in Excel. I don't know how can I fix it, pleas help me...
  17. B

    Trying to find worst and best measures from a list containing duplicates

    I am trying to do something that should be simple, by my brain is having a dumb block. I have a table of sites showing their ranking for various performance measures. I just want to create a list showing which is their best and worst measures, but I'm getting confused where they may be the same...
  18. H

    Query not showing all phone numbers

    Hello, I am using google sheets. I am using the following function in cell F2 =query($A$2:$D$1000,"select * where D is not null",0) As you can see in some orders the phone numbers are not showing (Such as order 1208 1209 1210 1215 1217) I am not sure whats going...
  19. M

    Excel 2016 Camera Showing Cropped Results

    Hi, I'm trying to use the camera tool. I'm highlighting the cells B4:C23. The image that is showing is from B4 to about half of B19, or simply put the image is cropped. I unmerged all the cells that were in the workbook and it did not work. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  20. K

    Macros appearing intermittently - Excel 2013/Office 365

    I have a workbook that has several different macros that are stored within the workbook. The workbook has 3 form controls and the rest of the macros are just run from the macro dropdown. Sometimes when I open the workbook no macros will be showing in the drop down and other times they are...

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