1. T

    Is possible to shuffle answers in multiple choice test in EXCEL?

    I have a lot of questions and I need to quickly shuffle answers in Multiple Choice Test. (1 question has 4 answers, A,B,C, or D). For example: Is possible to do that by using VBA or with some formula? Thanks for the help.
  2. J

    Help with VBA to "shuffle cells" for a fixture list (edit to control variables)

    Hi, I have a VBA that will happily shuffle cells within a column, I am looking to expand on this and have it shuffle across rows of 2 also as I need it to create fixtures from a list on a regular basis, therefore I need Home and Away teams changing on a weekly basis. This is the current code I...
  3. andrewb90

    randomizing multiple columns

    Hello all, I have this code that I use to randomize cell contents. So I can take the values of A1:A10 and rearrange the order randomly. My problem is, if in B1:B10 I have values that correspond to the values on Column A, they either don't shuffle, or they are included in the shuffle, but they...
  4. F

    Shuffle words to appear to be random

    Shuffle words to appear to be random Hi , I'm trying to make some data look a little more 'human' by shuffling around some words/phrases. Each cell will always contain 4 words/phrases. I'd like to shuffle them to make them look random. The comma needs to be the deliminator because sometimes...
  5. A

    Randomly shuffle 20 rows, many times, row repetition allowed

    Hi, I have 20 rows and 3 columns of numbers. In the description below please note that row repetition is allowed: (1) randomly pick one row from the original list and place it as the 1st row of a second 20-row list, (2) randomly pick one row from the original list and place it as the 2nd row...
  6. G

    Shuffle/Randomize from list of names

    Hello, Im trying to have a cell populate if conditions are met in 2 others cells (ive been using an If statement). I would like the cell that will populate to pull from a list of names and the results to evenly randomize or just choose from the next name on the list (and start from the...
  7. S

    Random numbers in somewhat ascending order

    I have a random set of numbers 1-100 in a column which I generated with =rankbetween() and shuffle with =rank(). How can I maintain a degree of random but create a degree of ascending order (ie. 2,8,1, 9,6,12,11...88,100,79)?
  8. M

    need fast row shufle

    I have been using this great website for a while, but I finally came across something that has stumped me, and I haven't seen in other posts. So here is my first post. So I have code that 'works', but I feel like it could be better. (And to be usable, it has to be) My problem involves a large...
  9. C

    How to sort rows in an ordered and repeating way?

    I have a spreadsheet filled with rows of different smartphone apps, a little over 300 rows of them. These smartphones are divided into about 10 or so categories (for instance: sports, finance, games, entertainment...). At present, each app category is in consecutive order in the spreadsheet - so...
  10. E

    How to scramble or shuffle text in excel

    How to scramble text. I have been trying to figure this out and i have had no luck. So far no one has been able to help me with this one. I will try to explain as best as possible. I have have a quiz that i am tying to make, with multiple questions. But i want to make as many possibilities as...
  11. K

    Sort Data Randomly

    I am new to the site and I'm not a programmer. I don't know if this is possible or not, but I have a club membership list and a list of duties that need to be completed each meeting. Is there a formula or macros that I can use that will randomly shuffle the names and the duties every week so...
  12. C

    Shuffle data - Column with letter A will list a random data from column letter B

    I'm trying to figure out a formula to shuffle data based on the what column category they're in. Any Column with a letter "A" will be "partnered up" with any of the names the are under any Column with a letter "B". The letter excel looks like this: When it shuffles, it'll look like this...

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