1. Tommy2Tables

    Equivalent of Sigma Values for pivot tables in LibreOffice Calc

    We have volunteers who won't spend the money to get Excel. But our training comes from Excel things. For pivot tables, Calc does not have a Sigma Values to set up. What is the work around? Thank you. T2t
  2. J

    Calculations using Sigma Summation

    Hello everybody, I am working on a thesis paper and have an equation that I need to be able to use in excel. I have no idea how to design an excel equation to match what I see. I thing that this will be an array function of some sort. The following are the parts of the equation: C = COST...
  3. C

    Sigma Summation in Excel

    I am looking for some advice on how to do a Sigma calculation in Excel. I have quite an elaborate equation that calculates rebate percentages on casino bets. I'm able to calculate the equation for one round of betting, but when it gets to more than two rounds of betting the equation gets bigger...
  4. R

    Bell Curve Histogram with 3 sigma line

    I have been asked to add a 3 sigma to the Fire and Release. The problem is I have no clue how. If you could please help me out that would be awesome! Thanks soooooo much Test stats..xlsx - Google Drive

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