1. S

    Open Another Application by Excel with VBA

    Signal is generated in Excel Either Buy or Sell. The Vba should Open the Another Application Perform Functions Like enter amount, name,.....From Excel Only then Submit and Close. Wait for next Signal and Repeat the same Process Again.:)
  2. V

    Index match help

    Help finding values from columns that match criteria. If cell in J column has value of S find next value B from same column downwards, then find from that row Close add found value to L column below the row that gave signal S OR if the cell in J column has value of B find next cell downwards...
  3. S

    find zero crossing rate from accelerometer signal

    Hi, I need some help to calculate zero crossing rate from an accelerometer signal, consists of x-axis, y-axis and z-axis. This is how the signal looks like in the excel column: time x-axis y-axis z-axis 0.1 0.6752 -9.7479 -0.3893 0.2 0.7108 -9.7429...
  4. E

    Display the picture based on the cell value in the same cell itself

    Hi All, Am trying to do automation for share of shelf planogram working in excel, the below table I displayed the name based on block count in column "G" using if condition. It might be vary if the count is changed. Now I want to display the same picture in each cell based on the cell value...
  5. J

    Time Space Diagram for Signal Timing

    I am would like to create a time space diagram in excel so I can show how signal timing would work for vehicle and bike progression speed respectively. You can see below what I would like to be able to graph, not sure how to actually do this would be cool if someone could explain how.
  6. E

    How to display the picture in cell based on the formula value

    Hi All, Am using if function to display the name based on some criteria, Now I want to display the same picture in each cell based on the cell value. am trying this more than one month...Can any one please help me on the below... the actual cell is 420. Thanks in advance. Raja...
  7. Manolocs

    add period when needed

    Hello, I am trying to fix period when needed, but take in consideration "," ":" "?" when inserting. The formula I am trying to use is the below but it is adding another period at the end, and inserting a period when the cell is empty. This formula was made by Special-k99 in another thread...
  8. O

    Strategy backtesting: automating signals and calculating returns

    Hey guys, I am currently backtesting a volatility strategy in Excel 2007 and have stumbled upon some problems automating things. Seems hard to post a snapshot so I'm just gonna describe my sheet and problem... Column 1: 20 day moving average of volatility Column 2: 50 day moving average of...
  9. N

    Charting Duration of Events

    Hello, I am trying to chart some data that contains events that last for a random duration. Lets say I have some data like this (for 20 seconds): seconds, value 0 OFF 1 OFF 2 OFF 3 ON 4 ON 5 ON 6 OFF 7 OFF 8 ON 9 ON 10 ON 11 ON 12 ON 13 OFF 14 OFF 15 OFF 16 ON 17 ON 18 ON 19 ON 20 ON It is kind...

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