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    VBA Copy and Paste Values not working

    This code "works" however it will copy over the formulas, I need it to only copy the values. Most of the threads say to do .PasteSpecial xlPasteValues, as you can see I did that below . I am working in two separate workbooks. Am I missing something? :confused: TIA!! Application.DisplayAlerts =...
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    SIMPLE ISSUE with dragging a reference

    I need I drag a simple cell reference through a series of rows AND columns for example... In cell a1 =m1 b1 =m2 c1=m3 A2 =m4 b2 =m5 c2=m6 When I drag it it obviously drags incorrectly. I also tried making m absolute but it still did not drag correctly. I just really don't want to...
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    Help on Excel Formula using Sum and If

    My spreadsheet has a list of customers and invoice amounts and a yes or no that indicates whether or not they have paid. I want to sum only the amounts that have been marked as a yes (for paid.) I tried using the sumif function but it didn't work correctly. My next idea was to do an imbedded...
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    New Excel User - Simple Word Count Tracker Help

    Hello all, This is probably a very simple challenge that I've run into, but I am a writer, and I am currently trying to create a spreadsheet that tracks how many words that I type daily. I am currently using Google Docs spreadsheet application online, but have access to Office 2007 on a...

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