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    If statement with multiple ORs

    Hello, So I am performing a sum if the value from a cell is equal to any one of the multiple conditions I am providing in separate cells. The formula I currently have works, however it is very bulky because I have three conditions I want to compare to. This is what I have: =IF(OR($'Complete...
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    Simplify this long formula-simple?

    Please simplify this for me, it works fine but sure is ugly :) It's a sum of 7 SUMIF's. =SUM(SUMIF(D:D,D5,C:C) +SUMIF(D:D,D6,C:C) +SUMIF(D:D,D7,C:C) +SUMIF(D:D,D8,C:C) +SUMIF(D:D,D9,C:C) +SUMIF(D:D,D10,C:C) +SUMIF(D:D,D11,C:C)) I tried (D:D,D5:D11,C:C), that didn't work and I don't know...

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