1. I

    Problem with Rank Formula

    I can't seem to figure out why the rank is skipping numbers. Here is my formula. Thanks in advance!! =RANK(E2,$E$2:$E$26,0)+COUNTIF($E$2:E2,E2)-1
  2. L

    Multiple Criteria Ranking without Skipping Numbers when there are Duplicates

    Hi, I am trying to rank a list of orders withing a container based on their shipment date. The difficulty is that within each container there can be multiople orders with the same shipment date. I can use SUMPRODUCT to rank multiple criteria and get the order within each container. The...
  3. S

    Cntrl + arrow to skip to next field with data is skipping fields with data?

    Hi, the shortcut Ctrl + arrow is skipping fields with data? I've tested both up and down columns and also left and right in rows. There is no pattern to the data it's skipping over. Has anyone ever had this occurrence? Philip
  4. J

    Excel is skipping blanks when pasting and I don't want it to.

    After the last update, excel 365 has been skipping blanks regardless of the checkbox in the paste special dialog. I can't seem to find anyone with this issue on the internet. So, I have resorted to seeking assistance here, in this forum. Additional info: This problem is a huge p.i.t.a. when...
  5. H

    Strange Problem - Step Into fine, Run fails

    Hi Everyone, I am getting the weirdest thing happen to me when I try and run a code. When I run it via "step into" and hold down F8, everything works perfectly. When I just hit run and it does it (way faster), it skips deleting out columns in my autofilter function. I've tried everything...
  6. J

    has any one experienced VBA skipping applications.

    windows XP office 2007 saving as 2003 xls. I have a Excel VBA which calls other excel spread sheets and run a VBA on opening. What started happening in the last couple of weeks is the spreadsheets will open but the macro does not start on ever other spreadsheet. I can change orders of...
  7. L

    Hiding/Showing every other column Macro Code

    Hi there, I have a spreadsheet where I want to hide/show empty columns. Problem is that I have everyother column hidden already. I wrote a code that works great, but when I run a macro that adds columns (hidden and showing), the new macro does not work. Can anyone help? This is the code I...
  8. R

    skipping cells

    Hi, I imagine this should be an easy one, but I'm a bit slow with these things. I want to sum blocks of five cells in the below format but not sure how i can reproduce that pattern down a column and then across columns. Tried Indirect with row function but that doesn't let me go across...

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