smallest value

  1. A

    find nth smallest value with multiple criteria

    Hello everyone, I am stuck to find nth smallest value from a range of cells with multiple criteria. I have a formula to extract nth largest values but not being able to reverse that formula to get the nth smallest value. The formula i'm using to extract nth largest value is as follows...
  2. H

    Find lowest negative and positive value in a row

    Hi all, I know this problem has been answered more than once, but the solutions I found so far don't work... The task: I have a row of values that starts with large negative numbers and in each column the values become smaller until they eventually become positive. I need to automatically...
  3. R

    Return the smallest value independent of it's sign

    Hi, I hope someone is able to help me. I am looking at quantitative data which may be anticipatory or reactive which will be represented by the direction of the values (ie positive or negative values). I need to know which result has the smallest value (it doesn't matter whether the sign is...
  4. J

    SUM n smallest

    Array formula {=SUM(LARGE(($B$2:$B$50)*($A$2:$A$50=D2),{1,2,3}))} works fine, but if I try to find SUM of 3 smallest, formula doesn't work. Why? {=SUM(SMALL(($B$2:$B$50)*($A$2:$A$50=D2),{1,2,3}))}
  5. M

    Choose smallest value on each row in an array

    Hi all, I'm stuck with a problem where I am trying to sum up the least costly alternatives that belong to a specific category within a large array. More specifically: I have a large number of rows, where each row represent a material to purchase. Each material can be purchased at a...

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