smiley face

  1. N

    smiley face in to a cell if = A

    Hy guys have aquestion to discuss, and i dont know i need a excel Sheet that would be like : <tbody> A B C 116 117 OEE 5S Basic Rules QControll etc etc ... </tbody> And in B2,C2,B3,C3,..., we have a Data validation, or anything else, with...
  2. JackDanIce

    Smiley icon in code

    Hi, I have the following code: MsgBox = "(Unless you know what you're doing)" And would like to add a smiley face between the last two characters 'g' and ')' I'd like to use an actual symbol e.g. :) so it reads: (Unless you know what you're doing :)) And not (Unless you know what...

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