1. Z

    Formatting text in cells with html tags

    hello , im hoping i can get some advice on a problem i have. I need to be able to add a simple <p> tag to specific points in my text in excel cells. so for example some of my cells have product descriptions liek this Goodio Raw Chocolate 56% Coffee 48g x 15 Starring sweet, smooth and...
  2. P

    smooth countdown

    greetings all, sorry if this is covered somewhere else if it is really basic. i have a macro that loops through calculating to make a count-down timer work. the problem with it is that the screen flickers each time it calculates. It runs roughly like this: Sub Countdown () For i = 1 to...
  3. W

    Smooth Shape Radar Chart

    Hi guys, just wondering why this VBA code posted in this link, seems it's not working.. Do you guys have any ideas how to make it work? I would like to draw smooth shape for my radar chart.. Thanks a lot before...
  4. W

    Draw Smooth Transparent Shapes on Radar Chart

    Hi guys, I have tried to run the code given to draw smooth transparent shapes on radar chart, as suggested by Peltier as shown in the website below. I believe some of you should be an expert in handling the chartin...
  5. K

    Smooth XY Scatter

    I'm trying to find an easy way to find a Y value for a given X value on a smooth line XY scatter chart. I want to find the values in between my data points. (i.e. I have data points for an X of 10 and 15, but not for 12). I understand that the smooth line is not a trend line. I tried all the...

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