1. T

    vba-OnComm event does not trigger

    I'm trying to get the input of a 3g modem when it receives sms. This is the code I'm using to trap any incoming sms. PrivateSub MSComm1_OnComm() SelectCase MSComm1.CommEvent Case comEvReceive DoWhile MSComm1.InBufferCount >0 strInput = strInput & MSComm1.Input...
  2. J

    Trying to Combine Two Queries Which Have Common Columns

    Hey everyone, I hope you are able to help! I am using Excel 2016 + Windows 10. I am trying to merge two web queries which have three common columns (Date, Campaign Name and Ad Group Name) please see below for the tables and desired outcome. I tried doing a full inner but I end duplicating the...
  3. kelly mort

    a macro to send sms to phone numbers in a column

    Hello geniuses, I am thinking of something new to me. I wanna get a macro to send sms to contacts in a range. I wanna know if it is possible first. Then I need help how to do it. So it will be like when I click a button, which will be on a userform then send the message "The meeting will be...
  4. A

    Sending text messages from multiple cells

    Before posting I did a forum search for this topic but nothing popped up so apologies in advance if this has been done to death previously. We have a planning spreadsheet for daily manpower resource and would like to text each employee their job/location daily and my question is what is the...
  5. C

    MMS Gateway Address

    Good Morning! Just can't find anything that references this on the forum and hopefully there is a simple solution . Every day, I spend a lot of time sending qoutes and reports via my cell phone, instead of on my laptop (using Microsoft Outlook) because a lot of my contacts work via text...
  6. L

    SMS into Excel

    I have employees who submit time-logs via Verizon SMS text messages. Currently, the text goes to another employee who logs the info and enters it into Excel. Is it possible to automate this process so that the text information is automatically entered into a spreadhsheet? Thank you.
  7. Ruddles

    Sending SMS messages using VBA (UK-based)

    I've searched the forum and I've Googled. No joy. :( Is anyone sending SMS messages using VBA? I'm happy to subscribe to a paid service but before I do that I'd like to be fairly sure it can be driven from a VBA app, even if it's form-based and I have to automate an IE session. (I know some...
  8. T

    VBA Dimed Value Called in a Sub

    This is a little hard to explain so bear with me. I'm trying to dim a value, call a sub and use that dimmed value within the sub. Sub InitialSub() Dim Value1, Value2, Value3 As Double Value1 = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1") Value1 = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A2") Sub2...

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