1. D

    Website Snapshots

    It is possible to take website snapshots quickly and easily with any chromium-based browser (this includes Chrome (obviously), MS Edge, Brave, and Opera) as they all include headless browser functionality - this means that you are able to use VBA give your browser instructions to generate...
  2. C


    Hi All Is there a way to get snapshot of a cell if it is changed. So dropdown list in E1 and i want a snapshot of that cell if it is changed in Cell P1 Is this possible? Thanks
  3. D

    Camera tool to view a (Changable) range of cells

    I have a workbook set up as a team calendar, the first sheet "Programme" contains all the calendar data with a second sheet "dashboard" containing some calculations. Within "Programme" columns D to NI represent every day of the year and rows 3-32 represent staff, columns A-C holds a list of...
  4. D

    Extracting data by date (today-function) but don't want data to change over time

    Hi I'm helping colleagues to extract data from a big table of info entered by week. The problem is that I want the date to be true at that moment and not the next month menaning that for a specific month the data should be extracted and not changed after that. My formula compares the date in a...
  5. V

    Otlook Question

    Hi All, I have One outlook code which display new mail with body,subject and mail ids in it. I want some suggestions regarding 2 points:- 1. Is it possible to add snapshot or printscreen of the table in mail it possible to add hyperlink in mail. Please sugges sometihing onthis. Thanks
  6. N

    Using a countdown timer in a cell to run a macro

    Hi there At various times during the day I need to take a snapshot of data totals in a spreadsheet. I have a macro set to simply pick up the values in the range I need (H9:I60) and copy them as values into AA9:AA60 I also have a countdown timer running in cell F9 to the next delivery point...
  7. S

    Snapshot updating over network reference

    I have a workbook that I am trying to reference another workbook on the network with a dynamic snapshot. I notice that it will not update unless I open the source document. How would I force the snapshot to update upon opening? I am using snapshot because the sheet has pictures on it that I want...
  8. R

    Index function issue

    Hi there, I have somehow stumbled my way across to get an index function to work with a project plan. Please find spreadsheet attached. On the Project Planner snapshot sheet, you will see to the right hand side (ID) and 'Actions for the next meeting'. Using the relevant ID number, actions for...
  9. L

    export shnapshot as PNG/JPG

    Hi guys. My first post (until now google helped out) So I want to save the snapshot of a portion of screen (not necessarily excel worksheet) to a file. So far I managed to save it to BMP. But files are too big. Hence saving to JPG or even GIF is more preferable. Here is the code I have (I...
  10. M

    I need a help with a macro to store historical data in excel

    Hello team, I track task progress. However, due date keep changing every time. I need to be able to have a snapshot for current data using a button or command. At the bottom hit the current tasks due dates should be copied to another sheet with the header of the hit date “today date”. If the...
  11. E

    Snapshot moving when scolling down

    Hi, I am dealing with a spreadsheet (Excel 2003) with a lot of assumptions and which has ended up being quite a long one in terms of rows. However, the output of all those assumptions is in the firts few rows of the sheet and it is difficult to follow the overall effect when you change your...
  12. F

    Date Validation

    Hi, I'm looking to populate a cell (A2) with a different cell's value (A1) on a quarterly basis. I currently have an IF formula running using a month reference (A3) (which is auto updated by a data base) to populate the cell A2 which looks like this (for Q1)...
  13. 9tanstaafl9

    Multiple user query issue. Snapshot help please.

    Help please, I'm in way over my head. My report runs fine, except when multiple users run it for the same job at the same time (which they need to do often during meetings for some reason). Then it "slows to a crawl and they don't know if it would even run if they waited long enough". Using...

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