1. C

    10% Time Improvements

    I am trying to use a formula to calculate 10% time improvements on my student's mile run times. I came up with a workaround to split the minutes and seconds into different cells, convert them into total seconds, multiply by .90, then divide by sixty to get Min.Sec. Not fully working though as I...
  2. N

    how to built a prediction sport betting model with excel?

    is there a book i can read or someone who does lessons on that? what i need is to insert the soccer data,and after using formulas like poisson.distr. to give possibilities for certain outcomes
  3. Alphacsulb

    Countif Table

    Hello, I have a reception Im going to be keeping track of those people who arrive and I need 2 formulas to keep track of how many group of people have arrived, and of those how many of them are getting an award. I'm not sure how to attach my spreadsheet anymore since I've gone to Excel 2016 so...
  4. B

    All variables for 8 soccer matches

    How many possible outcomes are there in 8 soccer matches
  5. S

    Need help with my Soccer Team generator

    I help run a pick up soccer league in my hometown and we are always arguing about unfair/unbalanced teams so I am praying someone on here can help me come up with a macro to solve this. I have created this spreadsheet -!Ailn0TMJeSXLidw46xoEz-WElsxGaw What I am hoping is...
  6. J

    How to Transpose large data in Excel?

    Hi all-- I need help on how to transpose a large set of data which contains: year, term, student id, and sports. It gets complicated because there are some students that played multiple sports each term. Here's what the raw data looks like: <tbody> YEAR_CODE TERM_CODE ID NUM SPORTS...
  7. N

    Soccer Results- Combine Two Sets of Results

    Hi Folks Just wondering if someone can help me speed up a process. In the attached sheet you will see some sets of soccer results which I type in as text on sheet 1. What I want to do is combine the sets of results from both teams in order to find the most likely scoreline at full time,and...
  8. M

    Simple if and question

    I am after a formula that tells me if a bet I have placed has won and in what way. It is to do with Asian handicap betting. I shall explain more. I have a bet in a1 that I have made. It may be -1, which means that I have bet on the away team to win by 1 or more goals. It could be a positive...
  9. T

    Web data source iframe

    Hi everybody! I'm a novice when it comes to vba and using external data. Can someone please tell me how to get the data from the following web source: This is a secure norwegian gaming website from "Norsk Tipping" - the only legal betting company in...

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