sort a named range

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    Sorting a List based on values from another Sheet

    Hi !!! I started a while ago with a big project and not knowing a lot about VBA, I am still learning and looking up new ways to do things. I am currently trying to sort a list based on 9 different variables (1 of the variables is on sheet "Daily Schedule" and the other 8 are on "CO Times"). I...
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    Sorting Full Name Cells By Last Name

    Hi Team, I have a list of full names in a row that I need sorted by last name. I know I can separate the first and last names by using Text To Columns and the space as a separator, but I was wondering if there was a clever formula to spit only the last name out into a helper column...
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    Need help adding "Sort" function (with named range) into autofilter code

    Hello, I am having trouble adding the sort function into code that autofilters based off of criteria. I would like for this code to sort Greatest to Least based off of a specific column name ("Prior" or P in the code). I am also not sure if I should apply the filter criteria and then sort or...
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    Using VBA to Sort A Named Range

    Dear All, I am trying to create some VBA that will enable me to sort a number of Spreadsheets that come to me each month. The Spreadsheets are all in the same layout, however, the length of the Spreadsheets vary from only a couple of rows to several hundred rows. The problem is that the code...

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