sort array

  1. TheMacroNoob

    How to SORTBY() a Spill Array

    Hello excel experts, I am getting very frustrated by what appears to be a straightforward formula. I have a dynamic array spilling vertically, and various numbers for several years found via xlookup. I want to be able to sort this data, so I made another table to grab the array of GL...
  2. N

    Quick Sort for 2D Array Multiple Column Sort Ascending Descending and Transposed

    I got tired of searching for a Quick Sort version that would do a 2D array, sort multiple columns, sort by ascending and descending order, and also handle a transposed array so I wrote my own. I thought I'd share. It uses the existing QuickSort sub that is found on the web and adds the above...
  3. L

    How to read values from Txt File as unique values

    Guys I have some values inside a txt file and I would like to "read them" importing them as unique values in my excel spreadsheet using VBA . The values are separated by comma: Apple, Beer Orange,Peach,Pineaple Wine Water, Peach,Wine Orange,Apple,Water etc. If possible, also sort these...
  4. K

    Formula to check if values in a range are in ascending order (ignoring text & blanks)

    I have a range, say B4:B13, in which each cell may contain a value, some text, or may be left blank, for example: <tbody> 0 2 "" 5 Yes 6 9 "" 12 No </tbody> I need a formula to check if the numerical values in this range are in ascending order, but ignoring any text and...
  5. J

    Active Range to an array, sort the array and display content.

    Please help! I want to put a two dimensional selected range values into a single column array. Then sort the array values in ascending order. Then display the content of the sorted array. This is VBA and Excel. Thanks! Sub SortArray() Dim rangearray() As Variant Dim SourceRange...
  6. L

    VBA to Sort Multiple Sheets in Excel Workbook with different criteria

    Hi All, I'm trying to get a macro to perform the sort function across multiple sheets to reduce click count. The columns and header rows don't change but when I record the macro, it never works on the next workbook. I want to run it from copies of the same workbook so it needs to point to...
  7. S

    Sorting extracted data with array formula that includes data duplicates with no helper column

    So through combining several formulas I now have this amazing formula that allows the user to have a criteria for extracting data. When they put this in, the formula pops out a sorted list of the data including the data from other columns that go along with item (Last, First, DOB). Which field...
  8. L

    Comparing cells of text in two different sheets to find and highlight differences/updates

    This is my first post - I've been lurking for a long time and it seems I always need an answer right away, so I've never actually tried this, so here goes! I'm sorry if it's lengthy... I see how frustrating posts are without enough detail so I may overdo it a bit. My Specs: Excel 2007, Windows...
  9. F

    sorting method

    Hi, I have sort function - now only by column B. I want to have sort by column B,C,D. How can I add it to below code? x_row_sort = wsSORT.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row Dim oneRange, aCell As Range Set oneRange = wsSORT.Range("A1:CT" & x_row_sort) Set aCell = wsSORT.Range("B1")...
  10. F

    sorting method

    Hi, I recorded sort funcion to sort my range. I made cosmetic changes. Dim wbS As Workbook Dim wsS As Worksheet Set wbS = ActiveWorkbook Set wsS = wbS.Worksheets("sheet1") x_row_sort = wsS.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row wsS.Sort.SortFields.Clear wsS.Sort.SortFields.Add...
  11. I

    Sorting Help

    Hi all, I have a little problem sorting two columns in excel; my challenge is to sort from two column just the values that don't have any match. So here is a little exemple: <tbody> A B C Value 1 value 2 Value 1 Value 3 Value 1 Value 2 Value 5 Value 4 Value 4* i wanna higlight the...
  12. T

    VBA Custom Function to Sort and average two numbers of a range

    Hello. I need to create a custom function that can do the following without modifying the selected range. If I have data in a row, I need a function that can give me the following result: Original unsorted data: 79 45 23 56 1 The custom formula will not modify the selected range, and after...
  13. smatterchu

    My custom list is >2,000 character - how can I custom sort this spreadsheet?

    I have monthly reports that need to be sorted in an order other than ABC. I have the proper order of each product, and the list is 79 separate items/rows (over 2,500 characters). I tried to create/import a custom list and ran into the character limit. How can I set up some sort of lookup...
  14. S

    Rearrange data based on values proximity/range and add an identifier to 'group' the data

    I have 3 columns of data. <TBODY> A B C 160 132 50 250 128 48 160 129 41 169 132 40 74 126 33 74 126 33 172 121 53 253 119 52 170 120 46 </TBODY> Is there a way to rearrange the data in such a way that values are within a range of 10 in each...
  15. T

    Sort within an Array used for Charts

    Goal: Apply sort to each sub-range and limit chart range to top 5 categories. Sub-ranges have been created to form charts. I've worked on this for over a week and I'm completely stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Sub AutoChartRejects() Dim rngData As Range Dim rngArea As Range...
  16. B

    Copy (range} from worsheets to "Results" sheet

    Windows 7<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Excel 2007<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> PROBLEM: I have completed my loop through all the sheets in my workbook. All my data is copied to a “Results” sheet that looks like this. Player 1 has been copied...
  17. T

    Macro for contact list management?

    I have a worksheet with 1000+ unique company names listed in column A. A string of company executive names are then listed in column B (separated by semicolons) which corresponds directly to the company listed in column A. Similiarly, Column C (also separated by semicolons) contains executive...
  18. I

    Secondary sort of League Tables

    Am trying to put some league tables together for a local amateur football group. Would appreciate help where a secondary sort is required to separate teams tied on points. Goal difference is the tie breaker. Rank and Vlookup is what I've been using for the original sort but how do I then...
  19. S

    Sort array againt list

    I have a data set which I need to sort using VBA. I can sort it ascending or descending without any problems, but I need to sort it according to a defined list. Example: The data set contains a number of records in two columns. Column1 is sales rep, while column2 is sales. Let us say that the...

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