sort ascending

  1. S

    Excel VAB Refuses to Sort Ascending

    If I sort the column manually, accept text as number, no problem. But the code below refuses to sort the column. What am I missing??? I changed the sort range from a named range to bypass the header in my efforts to get this to run . . . TIA!!! Ron NB: Had troubles with filters, so left in...
  2. K

    Formula to check if values in a range are in ascending order (ignoring text & blanks)

    I have a range, say B4:B13, in which each cell may contain a value, some text, or may be left blank, for example: <tbody> 0 2 "" 5 Yes 6 9 "" 12 No </tbody> I need a formula to check if the numerical values in this range are in ascending order, but ignoring any text and...
  3. R

    Sorting variable length numbers, some with letters on the end

    Column B lists my part numbers that are 3, 4, 5 and 6 digit long, some with letters on the end. They are formatted as numbers with the exception of numbers with leading zeros (00023). I would like to sort using the first digit of the item number as such... 1000 110 110300 11040 11040S ...but i...
  4. Manolocs

    Sort with words

    Hello, I am trying to sort a column with data like this: ans-1 ~ ans-10500 but when I sort is not in sequence. How can I make it sorted in numbering sequence. Thanks in advance <tbody> ans-1 john ans-10 Edward ans-1000 mike ans-1001 dool ans-1002 roger </tbody>
  5. XLWiz

    Sort in Ascending order and Delete other columns using VBA

    Hello everyone, I'm new to VBA development and am having a problem getting the below code to work properly. I need for it to sort column Y in ascending order and delete other columns I don't need. Here is what I have so far: Sub SortAndDeleteRows() Range("Y2").CurrentRegion.Select...
  6. C

    How do i sort largest to smallest across multiple classes, B-K, without mucking up my locked data in column A?

    I am trying to sort exposure, largest to smallest by column K, but using the sort function isnt working. The company name is in column A, and doesnt change accordingly with the sort in K- I think this is because the data is locked via SUMIFs from other sheets. e.g...
  7. T

    Trouble sorting rows in Excel

    Hi, I am having problem with sorting the following rows according to its values in an ascending order. I would like to have it sorted based on the number before the first dot "x." then the middle number and finally the last number. I have tried filter, advanced sort, but I cant seem to get...
  8. A

    Sorting range working but not on first cell

    I'm using the below code to sort cells in columns A and B. I want the end product to have column B sorted alphabetically. This code works for the most part but it does not add the first cell into the sort. So cell B1 stays where it was originally even though it is supposed to be in the sort...
  9. B

    Swap data between rows

    Hey guys, I'm working on a spreadhseet using VBA and i was wondering how to go about sorting rows using vba code. I would like to make a new entry at the bottom of the existing data and then sort columns A-M in order of column A lowest to highest. I can do this manually using custom sort but...
  10. F

    sorting method

    Hi, I recorded sort funcion to sort my range. I made cosmetic changes. Dim wbS As Workbook Dim wsS As Worksheet Set wbS = ActiveWorkbook Set wsS = wbS.Worksheets("sheet1") x_row_sort = wsS.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row wsS.Sort.SortFields.Clear wsS.Sort.SortFields.Add...
  11. S

    Sorting Year & Month in Pivot table

    how to sort Year and Month in Pivot table? the formula i applied on the date field on database for consolidating Year & Month is =YEAR(B2)&(CHOOSE(MONTH(B2)," JAN"," FEB"," MAR"," APR"," MAY"," JUN"," JUL"," AUG"," SEP"," OCT"," NOV"," DEC") kindly find the result , whcih is not in an order...
  12. T

    Sort Prices into Ascending Order

    Hi Guys. I was just wondering, is this possible: I have a worksheet that calculates the cheapest price of some items. In column B are the item names, in column C are the descriptions, and in column D are the prices. Is it possible, in a new worksheet, to sort the data into price ascending...
  13. JackDanIce

    Sort code without using .sort in my VBA code

    Hi all, Had a question put to me recently so wanted to see what other people on the board's approach would be. I have some data with a header row, let's say 5 rows and 5 columns. How can I sort this data using VBA code only but without using the .sort word in my code? For argument's sake let's...
  14. J

    Sorting Arrays in Ascending / Descending Order

    Everywhere I've read regarding sorting Arrays in Ascending / Descending order with VBA says there is no built in sort function that will do this... Can someone help me out with with a sorting algorithm that will accomplish this? Thanks.

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