sort by string

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    sort by function

    Hi I have below table <tbody> AT PT FT 5 12 8 6 10 2 12 4 13 3 22 4 </tbody> I want to find smallest PT that AT belonged PT <= FT , then founded PT + FT(old)=FT(new) and founded PT ignore in next row calculation, and repeat trend in every row whit excel function. for example...
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    Sort Rows by Mid() string of column cells

    I have a single column dynamic range called "Dock" and I need to sort the rows in my worksheet based on information from this range. Each cell in "Dock" is formated similarly to "TM09030010" This is "TM" & YYMM & "4 digit number" I need to sort my rows based first on Date "YYMM" then second...

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