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    Dynamic Multiple Sorting with Criteria

    Hello, Can someone please help to suggest how to do dynamic multiple sorting with criteria in VBA? I have a data table with header title : LOCATION, ITEM#, CATEGORY in different columns that i would like to sort the table in the following column sequence. 1st sort : LOCATION 2nd sort...
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    using Large function to sort a column of numbers

    I have 3 columns of data: col. A = name (random order), col. B = Net #, Col. C = Gross #. I am using =LARGE(C$1:C$4466,ROWS($D$1:D1) to Automatically sort col C in decending order. I would Like to do another decending sort but only the values in Col C that corespond to a particular name in...
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    Excel 2007 - Problem with Custom Sorting

    For my spreadsheet, I always use the same 2 custom sort criteria, so Excel typically remembers what those 2 criteria are. However, the past 2 days, when I try to custom sort, the box comes up with about 100 levels of custom sort, and its the same 2 criteria that I always use, but its repeated...

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