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    Numerical order of cells

    I have a question about automatically ordering cells. I have cells that show as follows A B 1 |Cinthia 12 2 |Scot 20 3 |Mike 5 I would like to make it so these cells automatically order by highest to lowest. This number changes daily and I have been ordering them using...
  2. F

    numbers w score - sort numbers with higher to least score

    Hi, I don't really know what title to write but i don't really know which nested formula i need to do this simple task. I have 2 columns (1 column have numbers and each numbers have an score on second column) I need to transpose the column with numbers and bellow i would like to display the...
  3. L

    VBA runtime error when sorting Listobject

    Hi all, I am troubleshooting badly with the following code and I can't figure out why? The last line gives run-time error 1004; problem with the sort key. I am using excel 2003. The code is in a private sub on a different worksheet than where the List is at, thx in advance guys!
  4. J

    Sorting Arrays in Ascending / Descending Order

    Everywhere I've read regarding sorting Arrays in Ascending / Descending order with VBA says there is no built in sort function that will do this... Can someone help me out with with a sorting algorithm that will accomplish this? Thanks.

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