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    Sort Dynamic Range - help please

    I've looked everywhere and cannot work out the way to reference the sort key in my dynamic range. I believe it's relatively easy but my VBA still not up to it. I have a dynamic range that I want to sort using a column within the range. The range is A18:AR25, refers to...
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    Excel VBA Sort Separate Groups of Columns with same Sort Key - Seeking Better Efficiency

    Hello, I have a worksheet with data similar to the table below: <tbody> (Hidden) Sort Name Cost (Empty for Spacing) 1 1 AAA $20 2 2 BBB $18 1 3 CCC $25 2 4 DDD $15 </tbody> This group of 5 columns repeats up to 300 times across the worksheet. I currently have a macro that will...
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    Conditional Primary Sort Key

    I have long enjoyed this great site and this is my first post. How would I go about writing VBA to select the Primary Sort Column conditionally based on values outside of the data that is selected for sorting? Something like: IF(AND(Z1>=AA1,Z1>=AB1)), Primary Sort Key = Col C, Else...

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