sort range

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    Auto Sorting an Area

    I have a group of cells (A2:C20) that constantly has new information. I always have to go into the data/range and sort the values so that they are in order by date. Since the content of this group of cells is always changing, it is kind of annoying to have to re-sort the list all the time. Is...
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    Copy two non-contiguous columns from one sheet to a single column in another sheet using VBA

    Let's say that I have a sheet("Members") with Columns A through Z The column and header names are: C- MemberID D- First Name E- MiddleName F- Last Name H- TelNo I want to copy from sheet(“Members”) to sheet(“LkupList”) Column(“C”) to column(“A”) as MemberID Column(“D”)plus a space plus...
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    Sort moves data to bottom of Sort Range???

    Excel 2010, windows7; After performing the sort shown below, why does the data end up at the BOTTOM of the sort range rather than at the top where it started and where it belongs? The first cell was in the upper left cell to begin with and after the sort it ends up in the bottom left cell...
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    sorting the autofiltered range

    Hi everyone, I would like to sort the autofiltered range without copying to a sheet using multiple criteria in ascending or descending order. I have done the autofiltering OK. The autofilter range can have 0 to n number of rows in it. When I try sorting on the filtered range I get various...

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