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    Sorting and Aligning Rows

    I have data in n number of rows and 2 columns. I want to sort data in rows so that the matching values of 2 columns are aligned in the same row. The Original data set and Required outcome below: Original Data set <tbody> Row Column A Column B 1 Apple2Red Apple1Red 2 Apple1Red Orange5Red...
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    Chronologically sorting dates in rows?

    Hey guys, I have a spreadsheet of assignments to students and I wanted to categorize them by assignment start date, and end date for each assignment. The problem is, the person who made the spreadsheet for me didn't organize the dates correctly so Assignment 1 might actually be Assignment 2...
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    Sorting rows with sparklines

    Hi, I have a list of sites with various different metrics and I am compiling a dashboard/summary sheet to make sense of all of the data. I have one line and win/loss sparkline for each site with the source data for each sparkline held in a different sheet. Example data : The source data is...
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    Sort A Dataset as per Another Data Set

    Hello Excel Champs :), I have a list of names in one sheet and another set of names (where some of the names in the first list may be missing). Now, I would like to Sort this second data set as per the first & complete set of names.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
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    Sort Rows by Mid() string of column cells

    I have a single column dynamic range called "Dock" and I need to sort the rows in my worksheet based on information from this range. Each cell in "Dock" is formated similarly to "TM09030010" This is "TM" & YYMM & "4 digit number" I need to sort my rows based first on Date "YYMM" then second...

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