sorting in vba

  1. M

    VBA creating dynamic sort list

    Hi, I have read a lot on this topic, but I am still stumped. What I need is a dynamic range for both columns and rows (I.e. the number of columns and number of rows will change). The entire selection will need to be sorted by the last column with data. Below is the VBA code I get from the...
  2. V

    Excel table auto-sorts while updating!

    How to design an excel table that auto-sorts while updating? If VBA is the only option, please post the code! Thanks.
  3. Gingertrees

    Please help me sort in VBA and help me kill my errors

    Found some code a Contextures for locating the LAstRow and LastColumn in a worksheet. Trying to combine it with a macro to sort my data. I am trying to modify the macro-recorder's data to allow for the variable end of a worksheet (I recorded it such that it sorted from A1:Q205). I come up with...
  4. Z

    VBA: sort formulas instead of values

    Hello, I'm trying to sort a column from high to low and I have the VBA code for this. However, because the column to be sorted has formulas, that does not really work. Can you change the VBA so that the sorting would happen on the values of these formulas instead? For the moment I do not wish...
  5. H

    Extracting and sorting data from a strand in VBA

    I'm trying to take a strand, extract some data (connector type), and sort that data to determine which comes first. For example, given the strands VS IM SC LC SM DPX PVC 2LBL and 5m FDDI ST 62/125 MULTIMODE FIBER I want to write "SC" AND "FDDI" into a column called "ConA" and "LC" and "ST" into...
  6. G

    sorting in VBA

    Hi All, i want to sort selected data by row and by column respectively in excel VBA. i have more than 100 tables in my worksheet and i want to sort each tabledata by row, first, and then by column sample of problme-- <TABLE dir=ltr borderColor=#05ad00 cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=2 width=448...

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