sorting table

  1. C

    Names ranges within a table not correct after sort

    How do I create names that will stick with my data even when I move it around? I have my data in a table, to make it easier to sort. It looks likes this: Project Value Timing Stage Confirmed(Y/N) Proj1 $100 3/15/11 Confirmed TRUE Proj2 $50 4/1/11...
  2. pedie

    Sorting whole table question. Please help.

    Hi Everyone, I have a table that varies by size but it starts from range A2:F12, sometimes A2:F11, A2:F10, A2:F24 etc It is not contant, can i have a macro that can select the whole table by default and then sort it by col b in sheet1, from highest to lowest??? If I just record normal macro...

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