sorting values

  1. S

    Sorting All rows based on a column values which should remain as it is.

    Hi, I have multiple columns and rows, of which two columns(Say column G & column H) have similar data(text) but in different order. The second column H has the right order and should remain as it is. Now, I want to sort rows for all columns from A to G(but not H), such that the resulting...
  2. J

    permanently filter out cases and analyse data on a case-by-case basis

    Hello! Would appreciate any help...have searched the previous posts without luck... Am using Excel XP Q1: i want to filter out duplicate cases in a specific column where constant data e.g. 'age' is unchanged for a particular case. I have tried C&P to a separate doc, advanced filtering showing...
  3. J

    Leader-board of High Scores Table

    Hi Guys, Just having a few problems creating a leader board of high scores in a quiz. For my coursework I have made a quiz for some year 7 students. The file is going to be shared in a public hard drive where it will be accessed from multiple user areas. When a user has finished the quiz their...
  4. andrewb90

    Easy way to sort without highlighting everything

    Hello, Is there a function or a button of some sort that would allow me to sort a portion of a sheet based on alphabetical order or the contents of a particular column? I have been able to do this by hand, but I am making this sheet for somebody else, and would like there to be a more...
  5. T

    How to include values from a serie within a given coefficient of variation

    Hi, I have a serie of values (cf. bellow) from which I want to sort as following: The coefficient of variation (CV) (=Stdev/mean) of this population should be 5% or bellow. As you might see from the whole population, the CV is higher than 5%. How can I keep the population the biggest...

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